About Avra

Avra confesses a passionate affair with fashion and her general appreciation of all unique individuality within the arts which stems directly from her fiery artistic roots.

Exploring originality and versatility have become her hallmarks. Her latest project with Yaneira Velasquez was the fashion show for Chuck in ya Towel’s Inaugural event 2016.

She is not only an accomplished Style Advisor and Wardrobe Consultant designer, but an award winning musician and performance artist, empowerment speaker and writer.

Spanning a 20 year career, Avra to date has:

established AVRA FASHION a national wholesaling agency featuring a range of Australian Women’s Wear labels ranging from daywear to couture including the labels Tulipani, Tuli, Misha and Zoe Kratzmann footwear, to name but a few

worked on events such as the Mercedes Benz Fashion Festivals, styling shoots for the Tulipani, Tuli and Decorada labels

indulged her second greatest love, accessories, and co-designed and distributed with the Decorada Group, and

artistically collaborated on various music videos with Tall Popppy Productions, Waterstreet Productions, and Thousand Ears.

In creating AVRA.CO, Avra is now a personal fashion stylist, giving focus to empowering people to find their own voice and collaborating with women who want to rediscover themselves. She wants to celebrate individuality and authenticity, and underline the essence of their true style.

Her philosophy…….?

” Style is more than visual identity.

  True style stems from your essence…

your soul essence. “